About us


PREDIMED is a registered real estate broker, created in 2004 by Miguel Ribeiro. PREDIMED PORTUGAL is the company that in Portugal holds the rights to exploit the brand. REDE PREDIMED is the group of all professionals who work with the brand, currently under the leadership of Bruno Martins, our general director.

We continue the view that the business is done by real estate consultants and they are our focus. For this, we provide our associates with a sustainable, balanced and highly profitable business model, based on the principle of “maximum commission for the consultant”.

We also have a mission to provide an excellent service to our customers, satisfying their needs.

As a main objective, we want to be a reference real estate brand, present throughout the national territory, actively promoting the credibility of real estate mediation.

Our strategy is to provide our associates with the best tools on the market and the best remuneration conditions so that they can provide an excellent service to our customers.